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Youkaisubs : one amazing place to discover... enjoy ;)
Originally posted by carshrimps at About Youkaisubs
Youkaisubs is Anni and Solo, doing this thing randomly whenever they feel like it. We sub KAT-TUN and Akanishi Jin.

So far we've done:

2012.09.16 [Music Japan] KAT-TUN part
2012.03.28 [Shounen Club Special] Kamenashi Kazuya Part
2012.11.02 [News Every Tottori] Kame promotes Youkai Ningen Bem
2012.11.12 [TORE!] Kame & Fuku part
2012.11 [DVD] CHAIN (disc 1)
2012.11 [DVD] CHAIN (disc 2)
2013.01.13 [Going] Home Run Project
2013.07 [TV] HEY WHAT'S UP announcement and PV previews
2013.05.24 [Hanamaru Market] Kame
2013.09.04 [Shounen Club] Jin
2013.08.06 [DVD] Hey What's Up Documentary

Next we plan to do:

2013.05.17 Another Sky - Kame - in progress
Tokyo Bandwagon - in progress
2012.10.26 [Hanamaru Market] Koki - not abandoned!

You're very welcome to take the softsubs and translate them into your own language, but we'll be very happy if you tell us about it.



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